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Statistics indicate that an astonishing 34% of burglars make their way into properties through front doors, making security the top priority for most businesses, homes these days. An increasing number of people have started securing their premises with robust, high-security locks.  However, it’s when you inadvertently lock yourself out of your home due to a lost key that you truly realize the power of these devices.

Designed to be impenetrable to intruders, you simply cannot expect them to open to force or any other manipulation techniques. But with Burlington KY Locksmith Store available for help in Burlington, KY, you don’t have to resort to such drastic measures. We can unlock doors, windows, cabinets, safes and a lot more using our cutting-edge tools and gadgets, so you can regain access in no time.

The door unlock challenge:

Unlocking the door isn’t quite a challenge, the real challenge lies in the way these doors are unlocked. You can axe through the door or hammer down the lock and call it unlocking, but is it really? Think of the costs you’ll incur later – from the locks to the doors, you need to replace everything! You also need to pay the locksmith for his services. However, with Burlington KY Locksmith Store’s expertise coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure, unlocking doors in a damage-free manner is now a possibility.

Opt for non-destructive door unlock

Burlington KY Locksmith Store Burlington, KY 859-414-0319If the technician you’ve hired to unlock doors suggests either drilling the locks or any other forms of forced entry, exercise caution! In the heat of the moment, you might think gaining access is more important than the way you gain access and either end up forcing the doors open yourself or allow the technician to do so. Have you considered the possibility that it might be a ruse to rid you of your hard-earned money? 

Sometimes, locksmiths are incompetent and may not have what it takes to provide damage-free unlocking solutions, but in a majority of the cases, technicians purposefully damage your locks so you’ve no other option but to pay them for their service and for the repairs/replacements! We value integrity above everything else and in over ten years of service, we’ve experienced first-hand that we find greater job satisfaction when customers are happy than in monetary perks. 

Reliable unlock door service in Burlington, KY

For over ten years, we’ve served businesses, homeowners who face a locked door by redeeming them from it using minimally intrusive and non-destructive means of entry. If you’ve got a locked door, we can help you unlock it using the safest, and most affordable means possible! Call 859-414-0319 for unlock door services!