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In over ten years of experience as a locksmith service agency, we’ve learnt one thing for certain –prevention certainly IS better than cure! There have been instances where homeowners have called us up in the middle of the night to change their locks after a burglary! When we reached the scene, we found the locks to be in perfect shape and there were no signs of forceful entry. So how did it happen? In all the cases, homeowners and realtors made one common mistake i.e. they trusted their ex-tenants to be reasonable and civil. As it obviously turned out, they did not and used their old keys to try and make a fortune out of their oversight. Do you want to make the same mistake? 

If not, you need to get in touch with a reliable eviction servicesuch as Burlington KY Locksmith Store in Burlington, KY today!

Evicted tenants are vengeful

Evictions are generally opted for by homeowners as a last resort when all chances to talk it through and any semblance of reason fails. When tenants refuse to pay rent on time or are being physically destructive, there’s nothing much you can do except show them the door. You cannot, however, expect them to take the news in their stride. Several ex-tenants return to the property to break-in as retaliation to being evicted in the first place. Owners who report such break-ins often experience no missing assets but incur heavy damage to property. This is why, it is highly-recommended that you seek the assistance of an eviction service to protect your property from vengeful ex-tenants.

The eviction process:

Step 1: Once you’ve got all the legal paperwork done and have asked the tenant to evict your property, you can call Burlington KY Locksmith Store foreviction service.

Step 2: Our experts will arrive onsite and make enquiries about the level of access entrusted to the previous tenantBurlington KY Locksmith Store Burlington, KY 859-414-0319

Step 3: A full assessment of all the locks to which the former tenant had access to, is carried out. The suitability of the locks for a rekeying procedure is adjudged by our team.

Step 4: In case the locks are too old or damaged, they are replaced with new ones, otherwise, the locks are rekeyed to ensure that any key the evicted tenant holds on to, no longer operates the lock.

Step 5: If our team identifies any flaws in your security setup, they may recommend suitable solutions to amplify the security of your promises.

Step 6(optional):  Based on our team’s assessment you can choose to install advanced locks to bolster your security.

For eviction service, contact 859-414-0319!